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The refrigerator is the center for
food safety in many homes. . .



At room temperature, just ONE bacterium in foods could grow to 2,097,152 in 7 hours!

Use these resources to learn -- and to teach others -- how to refrigerate food safely.


Refrigerator Food Safety Quiz
5 quick questions to test your food safety savvy!

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plug and cordHandling food when refrigerator/freezer power goes off (and other emergencies) direct link to USDA/FSIS Web site

  1. Recommended Refrigerator and Freezer Temperatures

  2. "Store It, Don't Ignore It" chart pdf (refrigerator/freezer storage)

  3. Forgotten in the Fridge (tips to keep food good-tasting)

  4. Food Safety Checklist for Planned Over Foods pdf

  5. Is It Safe to Eat a Food that Has Freezer Burn?

  6. Freezing Cheese

  7. Common Foods that May NOT Freeze Well

  8. Home Food Preservation (includes freezing)

  9. How to Tell if Your Freezer Power Was Off When You Were Away

  10. Food Safety Links for Home Cooking

  11. Starting an Office Refrigerator Policy

  12. Freezing Cooked Food for Future Meals: Freezer Bag Tips


  1. Refrigerator Poster pdf
  2. Table tents pdf (4 refrigerator food safety messages)

  3. new Test Your Home Refrigerator Food Safety Savvy! (Use this short quiz -- includes evaluation section -- at health fairs to educate and collect names for a drawing for a refrigerator/freezer thermometer. Materials include promotional poster and participant handout.

  4. Handwashing Poster pdf
  5. General Food Safety Quiz Handouts pdf
    One format includes space for name/daytime phone number if you wish to collect names for a drawing for a food safety-related prize (such as an instant read thermometer or plastic cutting board).


  1. "Chill" Resources from Other Web sites (includes what to do when the power goes off, freezing prepared foods and MUCH MORE!)

MORE consumer food safety links and materials

Foodborne Illness Can Cause More Than a Stomach Ache!
sick man

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